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Michigan Healthy Vending ProductsHealthy Vending Products

We provide Eco-friendly, hi-tech vending machines that only vend healthy food and drink choices.  Currently, we are working on the implementation of a Hydrogen Powered Vending Machine.  This machine does not require an outlet.  WOW! We have distributorships with several large companies and can offer thousands of choices, custom-made for your location and consumer demands – this includes micro markets for larger office settings and mobile markets as well.  The limits are only our imagination when it comes to products, services, and more importantly, the positive impact in our communities in all facets of life.  That is our true passion and meaning behind our outreach.

Healthy Vending is a growing market and an acclaimed area based on overall market growth, not ethics or service. We pride ourselves on transparency, service, core values, business ethics, education and social responsibility.  We are a locally owned and operated Michigan business. Born and raised in South Detroit!  We are not just another Healthy Vending service.  We are looking to make an impact on overall well-being on our planet, children and communities through ongoing education and awareness of healthy foods, dietary awareness and social responsibility.  We can do this, but we need YOU to join US in our efforts.  Make it Happen!